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Doom - 25 Years Of Crust (Free Download/Pay What You Want)

Very nice compilation with tracks chosen by the band. The bandcamp page of Moshpit Tragedy also has a free album from Extreme Noise Terror among other bands.

"25 Years of Crust" is a career-spanning collection of DOOM songs, hand picked by the band themselves. It includes songs from their first record all the way up to their upcoming album "Corrupt Fucking System" (to be released summer 2013 on the band's own Black Cloud Records, check out the song"Stripped, Whipped & Crucified, Part I").

Moshpit Tragedy is proud to present this retrospective compilation from the UK crust legends!!

Track Info:

"Antisocial" from split w/ Cress, Flat Earth Records
"Deathlock" from Rush Hour of the Gods
"Monarchy zoo" from S/T, Vinyl Japan
"Reasonable Force" from US tour 7", Black Cloud Records
"Choice?" from split w/ Hiatus, Flat Earth Records
"Trash Breeds Trash" from Doomed Again, Agipunk Records
"Sick With Society" from split w/ Selfish, Ecocentric Records
"A Dream To Come True" from Fuck Peaceville, Profane Existence
"Means to an End" from Peel Sessions, Strange Fruit/Vinyl Japan
"Agree to Differ" from Doomed From the Start, Vinyl Japan
"Can't Smell the Coffee" from World Of Shit, Vinyl Japan
"Exploitation" from Peel Sessions, Strange Fruit/Vinyl Japan
"No Religion" from Doomed Again, Agipunk Records
"Carnivore Christian" from split w/ Extinction of Mankind
"Stripped, Whipped and Crucified" from Corrupt Fucking System

For official DOOM merch & info, visit doomcrustpunk.com

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